Stirrin’ Dirt Racing has been a part of many different TV Shows; some of which we’ve listed below.

Top Gear

Dr. Who

King’s of Crash

A reality TV show that includes some of Stirrin’ Dirt Racing drivers Johnny Gullo #17, Gumby #000, Jeri Gullo #17, Dalton Gullo #6 and Steve “Scooter” Carroll #06. You can watch the show at home on the Velocity channel.

Below we have some video clips from the Kings of Crash show – we’ll post more as they are made available by Velocity.

Premier party “Crowd Surfing:

Episode #1 “To have and have not in Kamas”

Episode #2 “Man down in Heber”

Episode #3 “Pushing the Gray”

Episode 4 “A Father and Son in Davis”

Episode 5 “Redemption in logan”

Episode 6 “A proposal in Tooele”

Episode 7 “Her turn in Evanston”

Episode 8 “Ghost in the car”