Stirrin’ Dirt Racing is a production company that was created by Johnny Gullo and Jim “Gumby” Simko in 1999. It was put together to raise the level of the sport of demolition derby as well as raise the payouts to the drivers to a level worth competing for.

Over the years Stirrin’ Dirt Racing has expanded into producing Monster truck events, concerts, providing stunt driving and vehicles to movies, music videos photo shoots and tv shows such as Top Gear, Dr. Who, Johnny Christ. Most recently the core of Stirrin’ Dirt Racing consisting of Johnny Gullo #17, Gumby #000, Jeri Gullo #17, Dalton Gullo #6 and Steve “Scooter” Carroll #06 are part of the reality series King’s of Crash airing on the Velocity channel. Currently Stirrin’ Dirt Racing is teaming up with 5050 BMX racing to bring large scale BMX events to a city near you.

Stirrin’ Dirt Racing has charity as one of it’s core values. It alway’s looks for ways to give back to the community and helping people. over the years it has teamed up with the American Dream Foundation and has raised well over $50,000 for charity.